'That's Fantastic!': Watch This Army Colonel's Takedown of 'White Privilege' Leave Tucker Carlson Speechless

If you don't already know Kurt Schlichter, you should.

He's built a loyal and fervent following due to his no-holds-barred Twitter activity, his unapologetically conservative columns at Townhall and his best-selling e-books on Amazon.

And today, he wins the “Best Fox News Guest Appearance” award for his epic takedown of the Left's latest PC craze: White Privilege. This morning on Fox and Friends, Schlichter eviscerated the “Check Your Privilege” movement in an instant-classic interview with Tucker Carlson:

Carlson threw Schlichter a gopher ball with this:

"I mean, it’s silly on its face. Some white people are privileged, some aren’t. Some black people are, some aren’t. It’s strikes me as, by definition, a racist attack in that it’s making a generalization — a negative one — based on skin color.”

And Schlichter sent it flying over the center field wall:

“All of us have worked, all of us have achieved something. That is how we measure character, that’s how we measure what the value of a person is, not some arbitrary category imposed by some ponytailed grad students who have taken too many gender study seminars.”

That last line tickled Carlson so much that the usually stoic conservative burst out in full giggle and proclaimed “That's just so fantastic!”

If you need any further evidence that Schlichter hit the mark, there's this: Left-wing sites are already screaming about it.

Like I said... if you don't already know Kurt Schlichter, you should.

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