isabella navy father

It was a big night for 8-year-old Isabella Elmore. She was throwing out the first pitch at a Charlotte Knights baseball game, and the next morning she was having her First Communion. But it was about to get bigger.

Isabella's dad, a gunner's mate first class in the U.S. Navy, had been serving in Germany. Before she tossed out her pitch, he delivered an encouraging message to her via the megascreen: “OK Isabella, all you do is aim for the catcher. Try to knock him down and I'll see you real soon!”

But she had no idea how soon: as soon the ball crossed the plate, the catcher took off his mask: it was her father. As she saw him, stunned, she said, “Daddy?”

The emotional reunion was caught on tape. Try to make it through without getting a little teary-eyed, I dare you!

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