On Monday, Today co-host Matt Lauer hammered White House Press Secretary Jay Carney in relation to the controversial trade that led to the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Lauer- who has a record of defending Obama- blasted the administration, saying:

“These are guys who are considered at very high risk to launch attacks against the U.S. if they were freed. So has the administration now, though, endangered the lives of all Americans for the safety of one American?”

Carney defended the position of the administration, telling Lauer:

“We believe that this is not a security threat to the United States and that there's sufficient mitigation to be comfortable with the transfer of those detainees to Qatar.”

Lauer wasn't buying the party line that Taliban commanders would not return to the battleground:

 Is this semantics here, Jay? Are we calling it a prisoner swap when, in fact, it is negotiating with terrorists?”

As the interview continued, Carney stubbornly held to the White House position. Then, the embattled out-going press secretary pulled something way out of left field:

“Well, I'd caution anyone against buying the propaganda of terrorists.”

Okay, let me get this straight -  this is coming from a press secretary who buys Soviet propaganda posters for decorating his home. It seems the only real propaganda here is coming from the spins doctors in the White House. Because really, in what rational world would 5 senior Taliban officials - a group dedicated to brutally suppressing all things Western, actually take up another hobby other than plotting to kill Americans?

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