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At a fundraiser Monday, Michelle Obama slammed House Republicans who are pushing to grant waivers to schools that are losing money due to her “Let's Move!” lunch program. The GOP also seeks to ease the law's requirements when it is re-authorized next year. None of this sits well with the First Lady:

Michelle Obama told donors that Republicans in Congress were dedicated to obstructing not only her husband’s political ambitions but her own efforts to reduce child obesity.


“We all have a right to expect that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars won’t be spent on junk food for our kids,” she said pointing out that parents have a “right” to expect healthy meals in schools.

Michelle pointed out that “her” legislation and “her” national school lunch standards were drafted by “experts” using “sound science,” but that Republicans will continue their efforts to roll back “her” program anyway. And how does she feel about it?

“That’s simply not acceptable. It is not. As parents, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our kids — nothing. We always put our kids’ interests first — always. We wake up every morning, go to bed every night thinking and worrying about their health and their happiness and their futures.”

Ironically, a report right in Michelle's own backyard says that more than 60,000 low-income students in the D.C. area are skipping lunch altogether, unhappy with the food served by their schools:

The kids’ failure to eat is costing the schools big money, as they lose $3 in federal subsidies every time a student on free lunch forgoes taking a meal. That’s $180,000 a day, adding up to over $32 million in a school year lasting approximately 180 days.

Anyway, it's “almost” as if Michelle feels she's part of the legislative process. During a fundraiser Tuesday she asked the audience to remember “when we took office,” before quickly saying: “Well, when Barack took office and I was there.”

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