CNN's John King laughed out loud Thursday morning as he talked about the Hillary Clinton camp complaining about the “hard time” the presumed 2016 presidential candidate has been receiving from the media these days.

King was referring to the recent Washington Free Beacon story in which Clinton aides were reported to be whining to the New York Times about its “unfair” coverage of Hillary, which he found astonishing: 

“She’s writing a book, “she’s giving paid speeches, she’s out there every day, they want these stories, she’s even making clear she wanted a tougher deal when it came to Bowe Bergdahl and then they say, ‘oh don’t be so harsh in your coverage’?” 

Exactly, John. No, wait, these are The Clintons, remember? Of course they expect special treatment from the liberal media.

In case you were missed it, here's this week's best example of the way the media is “supposed” to portray Hillary:

hillary clinton people

Ah, much better.

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