Imagine you have a job waiting tables in a restaurant with a no-tipping policy. Bummer, right? Not if you're a server at Packhouse in Newport, Kentucky:

The restaurant has ‘No-Tipping’ signs posted throughout its facility, and when customers pay by credit card, there is no option to leave a tip on the order receipt.


Bob Conway, the owner of Packhouse Meats, revealed in an interview that he’s been inundated with negative reviews on Yelp for what appears to be mistreatment of his servers. A closer look at the new policy reveals that it’s not awful–it’s awesome.


Here’s how it works: servers are paid $10 an hour OR 20% of their individual food sales during their shifts–whichever amount is higher. Anyone who has ever waited tables before knows how rad this policy is.


Bottom line: It’s pretty much a guaranteed 20% tip every time. As B101.7 FM points out, the no-tipping policy eliminates the “jerk factor”:

There are few things in life more infuriating than busting it to take care of a table who leaves a chump-change tip.


You hustle like crazy to make sure these people’s drinks stay refilled, their orders are delivered promptly and accurately, their every need is attended to–all with warmth and courtesy– and they repay you with a $5 tip on a $125 check.


So, good policy - or not? Seems to me it's an ingenious idea that will spread. Besides, with Common Core math sweeping the country, it won't be long before young tippers have no clue how to calculate 20% of anything. 

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