Gina McCarthy, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, was on Bill Maher's show and clarified the department's position on coal:

Bill Maher: “Some people called it a war on coal. I hope it is a war on coal. Is it?”

Gina McCarthy: “That’s exactly what this is.”

For some perspective, a Heritage Foundation analysis of anti-coal policies found that they will destroy more than 500,000 jobs, slash the income of a typical family of four more than $1,400 a year, and increase electricity prices at least 20 percent. Price spikes could be much higher in states that depend heavily on coal-fired power plants, especially in the Midwest. Coal still produces 37% of the nation's electricity.

One wonders if the consequences of winning this 'war on coal' are actually understood. We don't have a replacement for coal that is anywhere near as cost-effective or as efficient, so this will end up being an extremely expensive fight.

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