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In what is turning out to be President Obama's version of “Mission Accomplished,” Facebook afficionados have rediscovered an old Barack Obama meme from November 4th, 2012 and are having a field day savaging it.

The image boldly declares that President Obama “Ended” The War in Iraq. As the nation now unravels due to civil strife and the largest armed terrorist army on the planet ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) rampages across the desert landscape led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, a terrorist leader released from U.S. custody under Obama in 2009, one thing becomes clear: just because the president withdrew many of our troops, doesn't mean the war is “over.”

The Facebook audience didn't fail to catch the irony (and no, we don't endorse every post):

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In an another bit of irony, while Obama supporters were fist-bumping over their “genius” re-election of President Obama, the guy they turned down, Mitt Romney, nailed back in 2007 what would result from the pullout of our troops:

 “You could see in the Shia south, the Iranians reaching over and grabbing to take power. You could see in the Sunni northwest, the Al-Qaeda folks taking power and leadership in that area.”


“You could see the unrest among some of the Kurd populations and surrounding countries, perhaps destabilize the border of Turkey. And it’s even possible that you might think a regional conflict in the Middle East may occur.”

Oops. Maybe that Mitt Romney guy was onto something, after all.

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