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Michigan Hospice of Holland is no longer accepting patients.  Their Executive Director told local news outlet WXMI that due to lower reimbursement rates under ObamaCare, they will be closing their doors sooner than expected.

“The biggest issue under the Affordable Care Act is…that we’re going to see cuts in reimbursement- it’s going to be at least 12 percent. We projected out what those cuts are going to do to the organization long term and we realized that in a short period of time, we’re going to be pulling money from our savings in order to keep the house open...”

The compassionate end-of-life care many families depend on in crisis situations is being cut largely due to the President's signature health care law.  Cuts to Medicare to pay for ObamaCare are also ending many seniors home health care choices.

Is this the reform Americans were promised?  I don't ever remember being sold a plan where seniors and terminally ill patients wouldn't have access to the care they deserve.

Five years ago, I watched the greatest woman I'd ever known, my mother, pass away before my eyes.  We knew she was quite ill, and I worked with her to make sure her affairs were in order for her final days.  One of her last requests to me was not to allow her to die in a hospital.  

When you’re tasked with helping someone complete their dying wish, the last thing in the world you want to do is let them down.  Without Hospice, I would not have been able to navigate the chaos unfolding before my eyes.  The doctors, hospital staff, technicians, etc. all needed answers and action, and I was in no condition to go it alone.  I cannot imagine what I’d have done without them, but now, families in Michigan unfortunately may have to.

My mother was an intensely private woman who wanted to be surrounded only by her family as her time on Earth came to an end.  Our local Hospice moved mountains to ensure she would be cared for and at home with her loved ones as she drew her last breath. And in her living room, late in the evening, with her husband and me holding her hands, she slipped away.  We didn't let her down. 

We hear a lot about how government is supposed to help people.  But what happens when government policies prohibit you from caring for the ones you love? Heartbreaking.

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Editor's note: This article was edited after publication.

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