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What hopeful Americans are asked on a U.S. citizenship test are pretty run-of-the-mill questions that most of us learned the answers to in school:

How many Supreme Court justices are there? Who was president during World War I? Who is the current vice president?

Seems easy enough, right? But when native-born Americans were asked those questions and others, they had a lot of trouble. From

Sad as they may be, the video's results have been replicated before. A USA Today survey in 2012 found that only 65% of native-born Americans could correctly answer 6 out of 10 immigration test questions correctly. Somewhat ironically, 77% said all Americans should be able to pass the citizenship test, which means there's at least some hypocrisy going on.

Part of being good citizens is understanding our country's heritage, as well as how the government works. After all, how can we protect the structure created by our Founding Fathers to preserve our freedoms  if we don't know what that entails?

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