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Holly Fisher created an internet firestorm last week after tweeting this selfie, following the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby.


The photo of Holly using her freedom of expression went viral. But Holly was receiving comments that she was missing her Bible and a firearm, so she followed up with another photo:


This time around, the image provoked a completely irrational response. A meme surfaced comparing Holly to Reem Riyasha, a loyal Hamas jihadist who conducted a suicide bombing in 2004, which killed Riyasha and four Israelis.

Some even called Holly “Jihad Barbie.”


In addition, liberal news site Slate ran the meme on an editorial concluding that we need to “engage in some self-reflection about the potential consequences of aggressive national pride.”

Via Twitter, I asked Holly what she thought about the whole controversy, and this is what she had to say:

Aggressive pride? Our flag represents freedom, so I stood in front of it, it was July 4!”


“The Bible and gun represent our first and second amendment rights, also representing our freedom.”


“I think the person who made the meme is the very reason we have the Constitution. Our Founders were smart men and they knew eventually this sort of thing would happen. Anyone who matters didn't give that meme a second thought.”

Obviously, Holly is choosing to not give in to the petty attacks and is more concerned with Americans being able to exercise their Constitutional rights - no matter how illogical their argument may be.

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