BIG UPDATE: Gateway Pundit reports that the contracts in question have been cancelled. Victory for taxpayers? We shall see.

It's one thing to take care of illegal immigrants who come to America and are under the age of 18 (before sending them back), and it's another to burn through taxpayer money rolling out the red carpet.

From the Gateway Pundit:

The Obama administration has awarded a $50 million contract to a charitable group to buy a Texas resort hotel and transform it in to a 600 bed facility for juvenile illegal aliens.

That resort hotel? The Palm Aire Hotel and Suites in Weslaco, Texas - a generously acommodated resort with such amenities as an outdoor swimming pool (pictured above). And if the guests tired of swimming, there are always the outdoor tennis courts, replete with palm trees for shade:


For those days when the weather turns undesirable, there are fully decked-out fitness gyms:


The hotel and resort is slated to be adapted to the illegal immigrant hosting facility through a $50 million grant awarded to the Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS).

BCFS plans to hire 650 staff members to administer the facility, which includes more amenities - such as a steam room, jacuzzis, racketball courts, indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool and picnic areas with grills. Those jobs would pay between $10 and $45 an hour.

The stated reason for converting the facility to an illegal immigrant child detention center is to keep potential disease transmission under control, and medical staff and psychological treatment workers will be on site. The average length of stay for youth between the ages of 12 and 17 is fifteen days.

Now tell me that the Democrat Party isn't abusing funds to buy future votes from people who aren't even American citizens - yet. The hotel and resort would be the 'first in the nation' for housing illegal immigrant children, but by all appearances, the Democrats are just warming up.

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