There's no doubt that Maarten de Jonge is thankful to be alive today. The 29-year-old Dutch cyclist has narrowly missed two brushes with death due to last-minute travel changes.

The first time, he was booked on now-missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 but ended up switching to an earlier flight.

Then last week, he was supposed to take Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 - the one that was shot down over Ukraine, killing all who were on board - but changed his departure to a different day.

In a statement, de Jonge expressed his simultaneous grief and thankfulness:

'What has happened is terrible, so many victims, that's a horrible thing,' de Jonge wrote in a statement translated from Dutch.



De Jonge told the Netherlands station RTV Oost that despite his second brush with death, he plans to take another Malaysia Airlines plane this week and has no concerns for his safety.



‘I have been lucky twice, that's the third time as well,’ de Jonge reportedly said.

So whether you call it luck, fate, karma or God's will, we can all agree that Maarten de Jonge is one fortunate man.

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