White flags - the universal symbol of surrender - were mysteriously placed on the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday morning, and nobody knows who is responsible. ABC News reports:

Authorities said that at around 3:30 a.m., the lights that illuminate the U.S. flags on either side of the bridge could be seen flickering and then going out completely.


When police investigated the scene, they found that the two American flags had been apparently bleached and large aluminum tins had been tied to cover the lights that illuminate the flags.


Whoa. The perpetrators were up on the bridge, which is considered a high-profile terrorist target, for quite some time.

“When [the NYPD's] Emergency Services went up this morning, the gates were still up and locked," [NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller] said. ”For someone to go around it and go up to the tower and have right size cover to put over the light, there’s some indication of pre-operational planning."

Whoa, again. Pre-operational planning. Could this be a shot across the bow, letting the American public know just how vulnerable we still are?

white flag

The NY Daily News reports that a bicycle club joked that they had placed the flags there to signify their surrender of bike lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams failed to see the humor in any of it: “If flying a white flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge is someone's idea of a joke, I'm not laughing.”

This is definitely not a laughing matter. If whoever did this could get atop the bridge undetected and stay there long enough to take down, bleach, and re-hang two flags, they could also plant a bomb.

If this location is not as secure as we thought, what location might be next?

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