What This Police Chief Did To A Tea Party Leader Is As Childish As It Is Illegal

| JUL 27, 2014 | 12:28 PM

The feud between Campbell, Wisconsin, Police Chief Tim Kelemen and local Tea Party Leader Greg Luce began last fall, when Luce started organizing protests against Barack Obama on an interstate overpass.

Kelemen objected to the protests, claiming they disrupted traffic. So, he did what any responsible police chief would do: he persuaded the town board to pass an ordinance banning signs on the bridge.

Oh, and he also signed Luce up on homosexual dating, pornography and federal healthcare websites.

Via Police One:

Kelemen told investigators Luce urged tea party supporters across the U.S. to bombard his department with harassing phone calls and threats in retaliation for the ordinance.


Kelemen told investigators he tried to get back at Luce this winter by using his name, address, phone number and email address to create accounts for Luce on homosexual dating, pornography and federal health care websites.


He told investigators “he didn't think what he was doing was a big deal.”


Luce has filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming the ordinance violates his freedom of speech rights, as well as filing charges against Kelemen for stealing his identity. Barney The chief has been placed on paid leave.

Barney Fife ain't got nothin' on this guy.

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