UPDATE: 'TheAnonMessage' a Twitter account for hacker collective 'Anonymous' released the wrong name of the officer who shot Michael Brown USA Today reports after speaking with the man's stepmother. The 32 year-old man is a police dispatcher and former dollar store manager who has never worked as a police officer. Twitter has since suspended The AnonMessage's account.

Gawker's Adrian Chen noted that TheAnonMessage was apparently not sure if they had the correct name.

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Think what you want about Anonymous' hacker vigilante methods, there's no doubt that inaccurately and irresponsibly releasing names like 'TheAnonMessage' account did yesterday is incredibly harmful and dangerous.

UPDATED August 15th, 2014 11:14 AM

TheAnonMessage, a twitter account for hacker collective 'Anonymous', released the name of the alleged officer who shot Michael Brown.

In addition, whoever runs the account has also promised to release further information on the alleged officer if Ferguson police do not respond.

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The shooting of Michael Brown has led to an undeniably tragic situation sparking riots, looting, outrage, and accompanying allegations of police brutality in Ferguson.

Unfortunately, tensions don't seem to be deescalating as 'Anonymous' has promised further action, police struggle to contain the situation, and continue to face scrutiny over whether the shooting of Michael Brown and their response were justified.

Editor: The St. Louis County Police Department said Anonymous has identified the wrong shooter of Michael Brown. 

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