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During his first campaign for President, Barack Obama responded to a question about excessive taxation with this platinum nugget of economic dipshittery wisdom:

I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody!

He has also mentioned the “problem” of income and wealth inequality about twelve zillion times, and he's given speeches solely dedicated to it.

Andrew Klavan has a helpful guide to understanding what this all about, for those who may mistakenly believe this is a lot like “stealing.” A sample:

Today, to clarify the underlying issues, the Revolting Truth presents this helpful Q&A.


Q: What is income redistribution?


A: Income redistribution is when you go to work or start a business or make an investment — and earn money — and the government takes the money away from you and gives it to someone else.


Q: So you mean it’s stealing?


A: No, it’s income redistribution.


Q: But what if I won’t give them my money?


A: Then armed men come to your house and take it.


Q: So then it’s armed robbery?


A: No, it’s income redistribution...

The proposed answer to every problem for the Democratic Party: income redistribution!

This clever and funny video explains, for those that are unclear on the concept, precisely what it is.  Props to the guys at Truth Revolt and Andrew Klavan for breaking this down in less morally ambiguous terms.

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