At the heart of the controversy over the death of Michael Brown was whether the police's shooting of the “unarmed young man” was justified or if the policeman used unnecessary and excessive deadly force.

The facts of the Michael Brown case are still disputed, and a social media war over the framing of his image is ongoing (just like with the Trayvon Martin case).

Here are 11 images that show a different picture of Mike Brown, each one separately telling a different “narrative” of what kind of young man he was:

1) At graduation:

michael brown ferguson -09

2) Younger, with a relative:

michael brown ferguson -04

3) Brown standing in front of a home:

michael brown ferguson pic - 1

4) His high school diploma:

michael brown ferguson -05

5) A picture of Brown as a child, and a jar he kept with ideas for rap lyrics:

michael brown ferguson -03

6) Brown flashes a hand symbol.michael brown ferguson pic - 03

7) At a meal:

michael brown ferguson -01

8) With earphones:

michael brown ferguson -08

9) Flipping off the camera:

michael brown ferguson pic - 02

10) A selfie: michael brown ferguson -07

11) Another photo of Brown:


12) More hand signs:

michael brown ferguson pic - 05

Images can be selectively picked to tell a one-sided narrative about who Mike Brown was - some of them to suit agendas. Brown simply may have been a human being with various aspects to his personality - just like anyone else.

Gateway Pundit claims Michael Brown is flashing gang signs corresponding to allegiance to the “blood” gang. While it may appear that way, it is best to keep an open mind that things may not be like they appear.

Many news media outlets have one-sidedly painted Brown as a “friendly giant” who was days away from beginning college; through image selection, some news media imply that the police were picking on an innocent black teenager, most likely because of his skin color.

The official police report claims the eighteen-year-old was resisting arrest, however, and tried to reach for a sidearm.

What do you see in all of these images of Michael Brown? Was he a thug that could have tried to grab a police officer's gun and forced him to make a terrible decision to take his life? Or was he a “gentle giant” who loved his family and was gunned down heinously? Or is the truth somewhere in between?

Whatever truth we can ascertain, whatever insight we might gain, we all seek that justice be served.

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