Law enforcement officials in upstate New York say that two Amish sisters - ages 7 and 12 - who were kidnapped this week and found safe a day later may have been sexually assaulted. Moreover, the local sheriff says the couple arrested and held without bond may have had bigger plans:

“We felt that there was the definite potential that there was going to be other victims.”

The unidentified girls were abducted on Wednesday from the family's farm stand in Oswegatchie and released by their kidnappers Thursday.

St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells said the captors - 39-year-old Stephen Howells Jr. and 25-year-old Nicole Vaisey - were arraigned late Friday on charges of first-degree kidnapping with the intent to physically harm or sexually abuse the young girls.

Wells also said Howells and Vaisey “were targeting opportunities” and did not necessarily grab the girls because they were Amish.

Yet another reminder of the creeps among us, folks.

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