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After the gruesome murder of their son, James Foley, his family revealed that they had received a chilling email from ISIS a week before. From a Sky News video report:

Philip Balboni, President of the Global Post news website, said: "On Wednesday night last week the Foley family received an email from the kidnappers that was full of rage against the United States bombing and they stated that they would execute Jim.


"Obviously, we hoped and prayed that that would not be the case.


“We communicated as quickly as we could, with the captors; pleaded with them for mercy.”

When Foley's parents learned of the tragic news of their son's murder, they spoke to the media outside of their home and honored their son's life.

“We're very proud of Jim,” the Foleys said. “He was a courageous, fearless journalist. A very compassionate American.”

“We thank Jim for all the joy he gave us. He was an extraordinary son, brother, journalist and person,” Diane Foley said.

“He met the most horrific end and it haunts me how much pain he must have been in and how cruel this method of execution is as opposed to so many others,” the grieving father continued.

John Foley believes that James was the kind of man who would volunteer to be executed first for others' sake.

“He was courageous to the end and he accepted his situation and he gathered his faith.”

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