The hacker collective “Anonymous” plans on having a “national day of rage” demonstration across the country this evening, according to information obtained by the Department of Homeland Security.

Blogger Jeff Quinton of The Quinton Report obtained an internal memo being circulated by the Threat Management Division of the Federal Protective Service in DHS. The Federal Protective Service is charged with protecting the nation's Federal buildings.  As Quinton notes, “The memo is marked unclassified but For Official Use Only (FOUO).”

According to the memo, Anonymous has scheduled protests in cities all across the country to protest the death of Michael Brown and the resulting police response.

While the memo says that DHS does not expect violence and/or civil disobedience at these protests, they point out that there have been clashes with police in other demonstrations across the country.

Here's the memo:

FPS Information Bulletin Nationwide Day of Rage by Jeff Quinton

Anonymous's contribution of note to the Michael Brown saga was releasing the name of a 911 dispatcher they claimed was that of Michael Brown's shooter.  Of course, the biggest problem with the release was that it was the wrong guy. Anonymous didn't apologize for putting the wrong guy in danger, but instead claimed credit for the release of the name of the right shooter.

Anonymous is also known for launching distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) on the websites of their opponents and targets.

Let's just hope Anonymous keeps its protest peaceful today and this “day of rage” stays non-violent. Let's also hope that Anonymous also doesn't use the opportunity to launch DDoS attacks or threaten the release of more personal information about their opponents.

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