yield for bacon

Sneakers Bistro in Winooski, Vermont, was so proud of their bacon, they chose to feature it on a sign which read, “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.”

But that sign, posted in June, so offended a woman in the community that she demanded it be removed. She claimed it was “insensitive to those who do not consume pork,” according to WPTZ.

So the restaurant took the sign down.

The restaurant received such a backlash from both sides - from those offended by the sign, to people who were angry that the diner “caved” to the complaint - that they took down their Facebook page. They've also felt the brunt of peoples' wrath on the review site Yelp.

Winooski's city manager tried to smooth over the mess, crediting the whole episode as something of a learning experience for everyone involved:

“The cool part of living in a diverse community is that it's not always comfortable. It's a fascinating place with lots of opportunities for conversation. The City has to pay attention to a lot of factors while acting within what we can regulate,” said Katherine 'Deac' Decarreau.

But as one city resident points out to WPTZ, the word “bacon” is definitely covered under the First Amendment. And if we start removing every word that anyone finds offense with, we can bet that we'd have a pretty limited vocabulary.

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