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Bill Maher hosted an intelligent conversation with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell, and former Utah governor John Huntsman during the HBO show Real Time on Friday.

When Maher attempts to singlehandely blame Fox News for political polarization in America, Jerry Seinfeld objected to that characterization. The comedian and actor Seinfeld pointed out that various media outlets “talks to its side,” so it didn't make sense to blame Fox News for the entire media issue.

Former Governor Haley Barbour pointed out that “Fox doesn’t have a monopoly on taking sides.” Barbour explained that one political point-of-view had been portrayed among nearly all major news media outlets before Fox News came along and tapped into a market of people who felt that their views were not being represented.

Former Governor Huntsman explained that the demographics of the nation were shifting, and that the younger generation of Millennials in America tend to seek out information from a number of different sources before forming an opinion.

Maher also stereotyped conservatives as wanting to "hear the same things over and over” with no variety, while liberals tend to like variety and new things.

The HBO commentator thus placed Americans into a dichotomy of those for and opposed to liberalism, while Jerry Seinfeld recognized that there is a diversity of opinions in the country and that's the nature of “democracy.”

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