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Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL, spoke with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News' On The Record and made some very strong assertions about the U.S. military and the current nightmare in the Middle East.

Higbie stated that the President's speech Wednesday at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida was nothing more than a photo op and that soldiers don't feel like he really cares about them.

He also said that most of the troops, over 90%, do not support the President. While this is statement is completely subjective and not based on polling, current and former military members have voiced frustration with many of Obama's decisions, from his handling of the Bowe Bergdahl trade to his ISIS strategy.

That frustration is illustrated by the tepid response Obama recently received during a speech at an American Legion event:

Higbie also talked about the Iraqi troops he helped train, and concluded that they are ill-equipped to successfully fight ISIS. The veteran emphasized that the only thing that will work to defeat the terrorist organization are massive bombs, a surge of troops, and fear.

Remember, this is not a man who is merely well-informed on the subject or one who is able to present a cogent argument. He was a member of the most elite fighting force in the military and has fought and trained others to fight in this very region. His expertise is as good as it gets. As a result, his comments should be carefully considered.

According to Higbie, the troops want to fight, but to do so effectively they need to have the rules of engagement and the “handcuffs” removed.

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