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Two Louisiana high school teachers have been arrested and suspended from their jobs for having sex — including a threesome with a student after a school football game.

Shelley Dufresne, who's a 33-year-old mother of three (left), and Rachel Respess, who is 23 years old (right), taught English at Destrehan High School in St. Charles Parish, but apparently their lesson plans included a bit more than the Common Core Curriculum requires. Dufresne is accused of having sex with the 16-year-old victim twice, and Respess “only” once. o-SHELLEY-DUFRESNE-AND-RACHEL-RESPESS-facebook

The local St. Charles Parish bench has been thrown into chaos over the case. Accused preda-teacher Dufresne is the daughter of a judge and two judges have recused themselves from the case. An independent prosecutor has been called in to take over.

Things started unraveling for these moulders-of-minds when, as The Herald Guide reports, there was a shocking turn of events:

The student bragged to classmates about having sex with two teachers, which resulted in a St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office investigation at Destrehan on Friday, Sept. 26.

Reaction has been...odd.  One School Board member appeared to be more concerned about the arrests making the district look bad than about the high school teen who was violated. He told The Herald Guide:

“It gives the district a black eye. It is obviously something we don’t like to see happen because it is a distraction. We didn’t need something like this to happen to add to the challenges we already have."

A parent who talked with WDSU-TV seemed matter-of-fact about it all:

It seems to happen every four years. We just had an incident in 2008, where a male teacher with allegations against a female student. So it seems to be very popular in this parish.

But in the website's comments section, this mom seemed to have the right idea:

If any grown, adult woman were to get a hold of my 15 soon to be 16 year old stepson, I WOULD STOMP THEIR FACES TO THE GROUND so that they are so ugly that NO MAN WOULD EVER WANT THEM or LOOK THEIR WAY!!! Just you were!

Another female commenter weighed in:

WTH does a 30yr & 20yr old woman want with a teenager??!!! Makes absolutely NO sense when the world is filled with grown men who are dogs & are willing to give it up at anytime for a piece of ass.... When are women going to learn if it's just sex they want it's easier for a woman to pick up on a MAN than it is for a man pick up on a Woman - think about it??

But let's hear from the male commenters:

Lucky dude. Shoulda kept his mouth shut. Maybe fire the women for inappropriate relationships, but let's be real, no crime or ANY DAMAGE to that dude happened

And another:

Clearly the victim has been severally hurt and will have nightmares for the rest of his life.

This commenter from New York gets the last word:

[J]ust yesterday, a male teacher in my city was arrested for having sex with a female student and people said things like “fire him,” “lock him up for life,” “pervert,” etc. Now in this case, people are saying things like “Oh what a lucky boy,” “sexy girls,” “I wished I had teachers like her, etc.” Unbelievable!

The two teachers have made bail and are out of jail. The investigation isn't expected to take too long, since the victim seems more than willing to give all the details.

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