Threatening Letters Sent to Elementary Schools Warn of ISIS-Style Murder of Schoolchildren

| OCT 9, 2014 | 2:27 PM

Three letters sent to elementary schools in the Warwick, Cranston, and Johnston districts in Rhode Island threaten schoolchildren and contain the chilling words “beheading is planned.”

The incident was reported by the Providence-Journal and the letters have instantly garnered the attention of the FBI.

The Warwick Police Chief Stephen M. McCartney cautioned parents not to panic and assured them that police and FBI were on the case.

“While the words are very chilling,” McCartney said. “I certainly would want to emphasize that the safest place right now is in school. I’ve got a police officer in every school and so the other [sic] jurisdictions."

The police have increased security and surveillance around Rhode Island schools, but that hasn't stopped some from questioning the move to keep the schools open. Opposing Views reported:

“School should be cancelled in those cities tomorrow until they figure out if it is a real threat. Why risk kids and teacher’s lives?” read one of the comments.


As a heightened security measure, elementary school children in all three cities will have indoor recess and gym. Furthermore, all school doors will be locked throughout the day, and an I.D. will be required to gain entry. Police officers, both undercover and uniformed, will reportedly be present in elementary schools for the remainder of the week.

Police Chief McCartney has done his utmost to reassure parents in the community, and has pointed out one possible motive behind the letter.

“We are providing the security that is necessary,“ he said. ”We know that whoever did this decided to create the most chaos he could by picking on the most vulnerable.”

Nonetheless, a significant number of parents have elected to not send their children to school, and demand evidence that the threat has passed. As the Inquistr reportedWPRI 12 said that “at least one-third of Cranston students were absent from school, and 40 percent of the students in Johnston stayed home.”

If these letters prove to be authentic, the United States government will have further explaining to do about why it refuses to vigorously prosecute a war against an enemy that is bringing war upon Americans, whether the politicians admit it or not.

Recent reports confirm there are a growing number of Americans sympathetic to ISIS and are even willing to join and fight alongside the murderous terrorist group abroad.

If ISIS and its sympathizers, like the Moore, Oklahoma beheader, continue targeting innocent civilians on the homeland, Americans will no longer be able to stand for the complacent politicians who do little else besides sit on their hands while it happens.

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