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The introduction of Common Core has made “homework time” extra challenging for students and parents alike this school year. Moms and dads who help their children with their schoolwork have had to learn a brand new method for completing what used to be simple tasks.

One parent who attempted to help his child with this Common Core math problem ended up just as frustrated as his child - and he used his education and professional experience to let the teacher know exactly how he felt about this approach.

frustrated parent

It reads:

Dear Jack,

Don't feel bad. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering which included extensive study in differential equations and other higher math applications. Even I cannot explain the Common Core mathematics approach, nor get the answer correct. In the real world, simplification is valued over complication. Therefore,




The answer is solved in under five seconds - 111. The process used is ridiculous and would result in termination if used.


Frustrated Parent

This image, which comes to us via Reddit, is the quintessential image of what Common Core's legacy has proven to be. That old phrase, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it,” is fresh on the minds of parents around the country come “homework time.”

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