Feinstein: 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Attacks a 'Growing Threat.' But What Does She Propose for a Solution?

| OCT 27, 2014 | 1:32 AM
Diane Feinstein

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Dianne Feinstein, the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is calling 'a growing threat' the 'multiplicity' of terror attacks recently by “Lone Wolf” attackers who were spun up by radical internet messages.

Is she right? Let's go to the tote board:

  • A jihadist who was on the Canadian government watch list who hit and killed a Canadian soldier with his car
  • A radical recent convert to Islam who shot an unarmed guard and tried to attack the Canadian Parliament
  • A radical Islamist took a hatchet to two NYPD officers
  • A man beheaded an Oklahoma coworker and tried to attack another after they disagreed over Islamic values
  • A radical Islamist who was arrested before he could attack a co worker in another Okahoma workplace
  • The Boston Marathon bombers
  • The Fort Hood shooter
  • Oh, and there are a lot more

By using the term 'lone wolf,' Senator Feinstein might be giving the impression these attackers were one offs, simply acting on their own apart from any radical agenda. But the current law actually takes this phenomenon into account.

According to terrorist prosecutor and author Andrew C McCarthy:

Congress enacted “lone wolf” surveillance authority as part of the PATRIOT Act (see here, pp. 5–6). Significantly, the statute makes precisely the opposite assumption that government officials now make when they label someone a “lone wolf.”

The law says that if a person is engaged in what appears to be terrorist activity, the involvement of a foreign terrorist organization should be presumed and need not be established. So as conceived and codified, the lone-wolf designation means the government should regard a suspect as a terrorist, not strain against all evidence and logic to regard him as a non-terrorist.

In short, these bad guys are singing from the same song book, and the US should go after them with that in mind.

Fortunately, in Canada and with the beheading in Oklahoma, gun-toting good guys were able to cut short the jihadi's plans. Unfortunately, Feinstein is among the biggest regulators of guns for individual self defense.

Do you think she'll change her mind?