What began as a verbal confrontation on the F train of the New York City subway quickly turned into a violent brawl when a man brutally smacked a woman in the face. Warning: This video contains graphic language and violence.

The video begins with a young woman and two of her friends taunting a lanky man's style, as they make fun of his leather 8-ball jacket and fur hat. While the women are insulting the guy, they notice the person filming and go so far as to slap the phone out of his hands numerous times before the fight breaks out.

It takes several minutes before the situation is defused, but not before one of the most insane subway slaps ever occurs. Then an all-out brawl breaks out.

The New York Daily News reported:

Danay Howard, 21, is seen in a video posted to Youtube on Saturday being egged on by friends as she taunts Jorge Pena, 25, over his style sense on the uptown bound F train near W. 4th St. shortly before 5 a.m. Saturday morning, police said.

Pena, who is seen in the video wearing a red, white, and black 8 Ball leather jacket and a fur hat, at first nods and smiles, but things soon turn ugly, the video shows.

After the fight, four involved in the incident were arrested by police. NYDN continued:

Pena, Gil, and Campbell were charged with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct, police said.

Howard was charged with felony assault for using a weapon - the shoe - in the attack.

Obviously, more than one person can be considered to be wrong here. It is wrong to commit violence against women, and to verbally and physically assault strangers.

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