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The FBI just released its data for Crime in the United States, 2013 and gun control lobbyists are probably not going to like what it says.

According to the report, while background checks for firearm purchasers hit record levels in 2013 — 21,093,273 to be exact — “violent crimes in 2013 decreased 4.4 percent when compared with 2012 figures, and the estimated number of property crimes decreased 4.1 percent.”

It's important to note that background checks for firearm purchasers are fewer than the number of guns sold. Breitbart explains:

... the number of guns sold could be many times higher. That is because background checks are done on gun purchasers, not on the number of guns being purchased.

The truth is that gun purchasers could have picked up multiple firearms during sales, and the numbers wouldn't include private sales, anyway.

While the FBI report does mention that “not all law enforcement agencies have been able to convert their records management systems to reflect” all rape crime data across the country, the fact remains that 2013 is not an outlier here.

FBI data over the last 5 years show that there's been a drop in violent crimes and property crimes over that span. Here's a chart the agency provided:

violent crime 2013

While we've seen hints of this before, we finally have the data in front of us to understand the correlation between purchasing guns and crimes committed with guns: there is no correlation.

This news doesn't have to be a political thing: if there are fewer Americans dying from violent crimes, this is good news for all of us.

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