After Being Demonized For Four Months, Officer Darren Wilson Finally Explains His Side Of The Story

| NOV 26, 2014 | 1:22 PM

After the grand jury declined to indict Darren Wilson, the much-maligned Ferguson police officer sat down for an interview with ABC News's George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos said that Wilson spoke for an hour and a half with him and everything was on the table.

The segment started with the beginning of the confrontation and led to a number of statements by Wilson.

  1. Darren Wilson told Michael Brown to get out of the middle of the street and he repeatedly refused.
  2. Wilson called Brown to come over to his police vehicle . When Wilson opened his door, Brown slammed it back on Wilson, trapping him in his car. At this point, Wilson noticed that Brown was much bigger and stronger than he was.
  3. Wilson denied pulling Brown to the car, which he said went against all police training he'd been taught.
  4. Wilson pulled out his gun and told Brown to stop or he would shoot him. Brown then went for his gun and tried to turn it on Wilson. Wilson pulled the trigger twice and the weapon wouldn't discharge, because he said it was physically jammed by Brown. Wilson pulled the trigger again and the gun went off.
  5. Brown backed away, made a fist with his left hand, and put his right hand in his waistband. Wilson thought he was going for a gun.
  6. Brown then charged Wilson and  fired a series of shots. Wilson then told Brown to get on the ground. Brown kept charging and lowered his head. Wilson fired again, and one of the bullets struck Brown on the top of his head, stopping him and killing him.

Officer Wilson was very composed and said that this incident was the first time he ever fired his weapon in the line of duty in 8 years as a policeman.

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