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Horror struck St. Louis early Sunday morning when Zemir Begic and his wife were attacked in their vehicle by hammer-wielding thugs.

IJReview spoke to Zemir's brother Rasim about what happened next:

“The group of guys started jumping on the car. And as soon as it he got out, Zemir was hit with a hammer.”

KMOV reported that Zemir sustained injuries to the head, abdomen, face, and mouth. Zemir's body was found unresponsive in the street and pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Fortunately, two suspects (who happen to be teens) were apprehended. However, more individuals are thought to be involved.

After news of the murder, a small protest broke out.

IJReview asked Rasim what his family wants after such a horrific tragedy. Rasim said:

"We have been in the U.S. since 1996.  The reason we moved from Bosnia was because of the war and the killing, and then it happened here.  I just want justice for Zemir.  That's all I want.  Our family will never be the same. It's hard.  Waking up this morning, I felt like it was a dream, it was so hard to believe.

If they don't get death row, I hope they get life in prison. I don't want anyone else's family going through the same stuff. It's just hard, I can't even describe it.

If kids end up doing this kind of  crime, they should get punished as an adult.  People are telling me that because they're younger, the judge might not press as hard of charges.  I don't think these kids should be out on the streets and they need to be held accountable to the fullest extent that justice can give."

In addition, a Go Fund Me campaign was set up to cover funeral arrangements for Zemir.

We can only hope that the wishes of Zemir's family are granted and that full justice is served.

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