7 Works of Art That Were Bought in Thrift Shops or Flea Markets, Then Resold For Much, Much More

| DEC 12, 2014 | 9:17 PM

The value of art is completely subjective. To one individual, a piece of art might mean nothing. But to another, it represents a time, feeling, artist or everything in between.

Even if a painting means nothing to you, selling it for a hefty sum never hurt anyone. Especially, in most of the following cases, where the works of art were discovered completely by accident.

Can you guess how much they sold for once they were recognized? Check out the painting, then “click to reveal” to find out the price.

1. Reflections by Salvador Dali

Found at a Goodwill in Tacoma, Washington, by a Federal Way quality control officer, this piece's significance was quickly realized and it was auctioned off for a hefty sum.

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2. Still Life with Flowers by Vincent Van Gogh - 1886

Found in 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at a couple's home during an appraisal.

van gogh wis
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3. Red Nose by Alexander Calder

Like Reflections, this was found in a Goodwill. And like the Van Gogh painting, this was discovered in Milwaukee. The lithograph was purchased for $12.34 (discounted from $12.99, after the buyer used her Goodwill card). She wasn't particularly fond of the painting, but was more than happy to sell it.

Calder 'Red Nose' Lithograph Bought At Goodwill Worth $9,000
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4.  Vertical Diamond by Ilya Bolotowsky

Purchased in a Goodwill for $9.99 in North Carolina, by artist Beth Feeback, she ending up turning quite the profit.

Ilya Bolotowsky Painting Found At Goodwill

5. Giovanni Battista Torriglia painting

The signed painting was discovered by a Goodwill employee in Virginia. Set in a gold-colored wooden frame, it was confirmed to be the original.

Giovanni Battista Torriglia in goodwill
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6. Marche aux fleurs by Edouard Leon Cortes

Another eagle-eyed Goodwill employee took notice of this painting just before they were about to mark it for $20. The profits made were donated back to the company. Good will, indeed.

flowers Edouard Leon Cortes
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7. One of 24 copies of The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson/Various Artists.

Purchased for 4 bucks at a flea market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, because the buyer liked the wooden frame.  The original copy was found behind an old painting.

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See you later... headed to Goodwill to pick up a few random paintings.