Hollywood Actress Katherine Heigl Sends Out Unexpected Tweet That Gets Gun Enthusiasts Real Excited

| JAN 6, 2015 | 10:56 PM
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Kevin Winter

Hollywood isn't known for being a bastion of pro-gun thought, although the acting profession is filled with recreated gun fights and other acts of simulated violence.

Thus, actors sometimes get a bad rap for their seeming lack of familiarity with how to wield a deadly weapon - and avoid being hit by one. There are action sequences where the good guy survives an explosion by hiding behind a barrel. Back-and-forth gun fights while each shooter is hiding behind a couch. What is it? A bulletproof couch?

Every once in a while, though, you hear of an actor or actress who takes their craft seriously. In the case of State of Affairs star Katherine Heigl, she is preparing for the action sequences in the show in a responsible and professional way.

She's going to practice her shooting abilities at the most logical of places: A gun range.

Which is exactly what she is supposed to do. Yes, actors are supposed to...act. But what's the matter with just learning how to properly handle a firearm?

Heigl is not only doing herself a great credit by practicing — She is also promoting responsible firearm safety to all those who own guns:


Many were supportive:

Not everyone was thrilled, however:

This isn't the first time Heigl's shown an interest in firearms. In 2010, she talked about wanting to take target practice lessons to prepare for a role as a female bounty-hunter.