Black Lives

It took less than a day for one of the more outspoken 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot,' 'Black Lives Matter' protesters to change his tune about police tactics.

Jarrett Maupin has led marches against the Phoenix Police Department for months, most recently over the shooting of an unarmed man by police.

But when Maupin was invited by the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office to undergo police tactical situational training, he came out a changed man.

In one scenario, Maupin, dressed in police garb and carrying a 'pistol,' was shot by a car thief/bad guy when the thief put his hands out of view and came up with a gun. In another, Maupin tried to talk two men out of fighting when one man stalked toward him and Maupin shot him:

"Hey, he rushed me... I shot because he was in that zone, I didn't see him armed, he came clearly to do some harm to my person.

It's hard to make that call; it shakes you up."

Ironically, this is almost precisely the same situation that led Darren Wilson to shoot Michael Brown, according to forensic evidence.

In the third scenario, a burglar refused to comply when Maupin tried to arrest him and obtain what the bad guy had tucked in his waistband.

As Maupin told Fox 10 Phoenix:

“I need you to keep your hands up, sir, I need to check what's in the waistband.”

No shots were fired, but there was a knife in the waistband.

Maupin took to Twitter to give the cops props, but fellow protesters didn't like what he had to say and accused him of going all PC:

Others gave him an 'atta boy for trying to walk a mile in cops' shoes:

Some make the point that getting Al Sharpton out there isn't a bad idea:

One thing's for sure — this activist deserves credit for taking up the challenge and experiencing first hand what it's like to be a cop.

In his words:

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