Dads Should Memorize This Legendary Speech from Liam Neeson to his Onscreen Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

| JAN 9, 2015 | 5:34 PM
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Although few people seem to be aware of Taken 3 — the sequel to the sequel no one asked for — actress Maggie Grace told a hysterical story last night on Conan that's worth seeing.

The on-screen father and daughter duo of Neeson and Grace have developed a strong relationship since filming the first Taken in 2008. So much so that Neeson took matters into his own hands (as he is wont to do) when he found out an ex-boyfriend broke Grace's heart.

No, no, no. He didn't murder the guy. Neeson did leave a voicemail as his Taken character Bryan Mills. In the voicemail he mentions that he has “a particular set of skills” that he would rather not waste on Grace's ex-boyfriend.

If only we all had Liam Neeson as stand-in dad, ready to threaten ex-flings, or murder anyone that tries to kidnap us in Europe.