Moments After a Woman Pulls Up At a Drive-Thru ATM, Things Take a Sudden Terrifying Turn

| JAN 23, 2015 | 2:10 PM

When a woman in Arlington, Texas, pulled up at a drive thru ATM, she couldn't have expected the terrifying night she was in for.

A few moments after she conducted her transaction, a man approached her vehicle. Then, he ordered her out of the car at gunpoint.

However, robbery doesn't seem to be the only thing that was on the criminal's mind. Following the directions of the criminal, the woman opened her door and then popped her trunk.

Next, the criminal forced her in, slamming the trunk shut. But he wasn't finished yet.

According to ABC News:

The man ordered her to give him money from her account, police said, driving her to other ATMs to withdraw more money.

Fortunately, while it's not clear how, the woman was able to make it out the trunk and get to a convenience store to call for help. In addition, the authorities found the woman's car.

The suspect however, is still on the loose. Arlington Police released the surveillance video of the crime in hopes of tracking him down.

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