A growing Frisco, Texas, community is building a new high school for a group of redistricted students. The redistricting doesn't seem to be a problem for the families of the children will be attending the school. But there's concern over its name.

According to NBC 5, the school district has settled on the name “Lebanon High School.”

The parents whose children will be attending the school feel that they're being shut out of the naming process and feel no ownership of the new school.  Since the name was revealed, one parent, Liffey Skender, reportedly has received over 100 emails and several phone calls from parents who share the same concern.

While the parents are equating the name with the Middle Eastern country that borders Israel, the district insists that it's a way to honor the farming settlement in the area, which before Frisco's founding, shared the name Lebanon.

The BBC's Twitter account put it like this:

In the Lebanon in the Middle East, there is an American Academy of Beruit as well as a Jesus & Mary School. In addition, there are more than a few cities in the U.S. which share the name:

  • Lebanon, Oregon
  • Lebanon, Tennessee
  • Lebanon, New York
  • Lebanon, New Hampshire
  • And even, Lebanon, Texas

As a measure of good faith, the school board is considering adding another word to the name of the school: “Community.” But have no intention of removing Lebanon.  The parents, though, are leaning more towards something like “Freedom High School.”

A meeting has been planned to discuss the school name on February 9th.

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