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Considering all the press, it's difficult to remember that the subject of the hit movie American Sniper, Chris Kyle, was a real, live man. Outside of his military career, he led a life very similar to our own.

His larger-than-life persona and incredible skill makes him seem more superhero than guy-next -door.

Taya, Kyle's widow, reminded America of his humanity in a recent interview. She revealed that Chris was a normal husband and father, who loved his family. She described him this way, in the interview with People:

“I miss those family dinners where we would joke with the kids,” Taya, 40, says. “I miss the way he laughed at the littlest things with me and the way the kids and I couldn't wait for him to come home from work. I miss how Chris changed the feeling in the room when he was in it.”

At times, Taya Kyle said, this tough-as-nails Navy SEAL could be romantic. As The Daily Mail reports, she said:

“One of the lines in our wedding vows was, 'I will remind you who you are when you forget.'”

She then added that inside her wedding ring, Chris... had inscribed; 'All of me. My love, my life.'

When he was deployed, Taya would receive emails from her husband saying, “I just want to be home with you.”

As for all the press the movie and the family is now receiving, she says Chris would be in awe of it. She described Chris as a humble guy who might feel a little weird about it.

'I can see him being uncomfortable with all the attention,' says Taya.

Taya Kyle admits that life has been incredibly difficult for her family since Chris was killed. Yet, she says she feels his presence with her, giving her strength.

“When I actually think about what it would be like to have Chris next to me, with my hand in his, it hurts,” she says. “But he's still with me. I will love him until the day I die.”

Taya is currently working on her own book, to be titled American Widow.

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