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Opportunity Lives

Politicians talk a lot about poverty, and it's become part of our national conversations, but it's still growing.

That's all about to change, because of a new movement called Opportunity Lives. Instead of just talking about the issue, Opportunity Lives is making its way to the country's impoverished cities, and trying to determine the best solution to this crisis.

They're releasing a documentary mini series called “Comeback,” with the sole focus of telling “the inspiring, true stories of real-life Americans overcoming adversity in our nation’s cities and communities.”

IJReview had the opportunity to talk with Opportunity Lives Editor-in-Chief, John Hart, about their mission:

"Comeback is a series of modern parables that tell important truths about works in the fight against poverty. And what works is people caring for their neighbors one and one and laying down their lives to walk with them through their journey of redemption and restoration.

It’s not an ideologically charged production. One message that comes across more  implicitly than explicitly is that we are all in this together. But the extent to which government should have a role, government should stand with us, not between us.

There is a real humility in Paul Ryan’s involvement.  His goal was to use his status in the background and not make it about him. There’s a lot of discussion about who should speak for the poor.  Whether it’s Democrats, Republicans or liberals or conservatives.  But why not let the poor speak for the themselves, and that’s what Comeback attempts to do.”

The premier episode of “Comeback” will be released on March 17th.

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