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Magician David Copperfield has wowed millions through his magic shows, but his best trick of all may have been the way that he made a wish come true for one special boy.

10-year-old Aiden Davis has been battling cancer since he was three years old. With a terminal diagnosis, Aiden made up a bucket list. The last thing on it? To see David Copperfield perform.

A social media campaign helped Copperfield learn about Aiden’s wish, and the Las Vegas magician went about fulfilling Aiden’s wish, and then some. He flew Aiden and his family to Las Vegas and surprised them at their hotel room.

An excited Aiden got his first limo ride on the way to another first for both Aiden and David — a first picture in front of the famous Las Vegas sign.

After a bit more Vegas sightseeing, Copperfield took Aiden to a place that is sure to appeal to any lover of magic… his “secret lair,” a museum dedicated to the history of magic.

Finally, there was the show. But Aiden didn’t just get to watch. He got a bit of time in the spotlight and the best seat in the house.

As for Copperfield, he ends by giving thanks for Aiden’s visit, as this extraordinary young boy has been an example of strength and courage for him and all who have been fortunate enough to meet him.

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