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While the majority of people living under ISIS rule line up for food, a select few in the Islamic State live a much more luxurious lifestyle.

To add a reality TV spin, the ones showing off their alleged wealth happen to be the wives of ISIS militants:

ISIS Children

Here are the “Real Housewives” of ISIS. These 12 images show off the lifestyles of the rich and jihadist:

1. Making sure there is a handgun instead of a stuffed animal for nap time:

Gun Baby
Twitter/Daily Mail

2. Teaching their little girls to carry AK-47s with their shopping bags:

Twitter/Daily Mail

3. Using a pop culture reference from a Kanye West song to get their point across:

LOL Kany

4. Dressing up their little girl for a terrorist selfie:

Little Girl gun
Twitter/Daily Mail

5. Posing for photos on a BMW. (Also, notice the use of slang in the tweet):

Jihad Sharouff

6. Bragging about how kidnapped Yazidi children are being turned into aspiring jihadis:

Yezdi Kiddo

7. They hate the West so badly, but on the weekends they be chillin':


8. When the BMW isn't good enough, there's the Ferrari...


9. Taking women for some light shopping:

Screenshot - 3_19_2015 , 10_44_27 AM

10. Showing off their assortment of desserts:

Ice cream

11. Proudly displaying their brainwashed boys, ready to give their lives for terrorism:

More kids

12. Making sure newborns receive their version of 'tender loving care:'

Jihadi Kiddo

As evidenced by the pictures, these women are proud to be raising the next generation of terrorists. While other people starve in ISIS-controlled lands, they are the ones truly profiting from this multi-million dollar terrorist enterprise.

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