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Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and University of California President Janet Napolitano was caught on a hot mic, as protesters interrupted a meeting on impending tuition hikes for UC students:

“Let's go. We don't have to listen to this crap.” said Napolitano.

According to CBS San Francisco:

"Napolitano was sitting next UC regent Chairman Bruce Varner as a group of about two dozen protesters shouted loudly, denouncing potential tuition hikes when she made the remark, which she may not have known was being recorded.

As the protests began, the cameras stayed on the regents. There was some confusion over what to do. That’s when Napolitano leans over to Varner."

The regents then left the room and returned shortly after the protestors had dispersed. When Napolitano returned, she told the room that “the protesters' voices are being heard.”

One of the protestors, Kristian Kim, said:

“It’s an insult to have her as the president of UC...I don’t know where she’s coming from, but I’m assuming she’s never had to deal with these [financial] issues personally. So I can understand why there would be a disconnect there.”

Student leaders were not happy with Napolitano's comments either, according to the DailyCal:

“UC Student Association board chair Kevin Sabo expressed frustration with Napolitano’s comment, saying that the 'disheartening' statement validates the suspicion that the regents are not always attentive to students’ concerns during public comment.”

During the board's final meeting on the topic Thursday morning, Napolitano issued an apology for “using a word that I don't normally use.”

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