7-Year-Old Got a Haircut to Honor His Military Brother. The School Says Shave It or Don't Come Back.

| MAR 27, 2015 | 5:11 PM
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A 7-year-old boy in Tennessee was recently forced to shave his “high-and-tight” haircut, which was inspired by his active duty military brother:

Adam’s older brother, Spc. Justin Bloodworth. Image credit:  Facebook
Adam’s older brother, Spc. Justin Bloodworth. Facebook

The boy's school deemed the haircut “distracting”:

Image credit: Army Times
Army Times

According to the Army Times:

"Adam Stinnett went to Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School in McMinnville, about a 90-minute drive southeast from Nashville, on March 9 sporting the new hairdo. His mother, Amy Stinnett, said he'd requested the high and tight to be more like Spc. Justin Bloodworth, his active-duty stepbrother.

Adam was written up by the principal, who thought the haircut was against school policy banning 'mohawk haircuts or other extreme cuts.'"

Adam's mother Amy continued to send her son to school, until the principal told her that Adam couldn't come back to school with his “high-and-tight” haircut again.

Left without an option, she had to shave her son's head. Her decision saved Adam from being suspended from school, but left her angry.

So, Amy contacted a local newspaper, the Southern Standard. The local Fox affiliate picked up the story, too, and it began to gain traction nationally.

Because of the attention the story was getting, the Warren County Board of Education was forced to issue a statement on the issue:


The statement reads:

“This is an internal school matter and the administration of the school district has been advised to address it as such from this point forward.”

“However, Warren County School Board policy, JCBF-Dress Code, does not specifically address or prohibit any hair style. The policy does allow each individual school to make guidelines appropriate for their particular school. These guidelines are provided to each student and his/her parents via a specified dress code in the student handbook at the beginning of each school year. Neither Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary, nor any school in Warren County School District, prohibits military haircuts.”

“The Warren County School District supports all branches of the military as well as all those who have served and currently serve.”

Bobby Cox, the district's director of schools, said that the district will, in the future, define which hairstyles will be allowed in their schools.

According to Fox17, Amy won't stop until her son receives an apology:

“Seven-year-old Adam says he just wants his old haircut back. His mother just wants an apology and says she won't rest until she gets one.”

Somewhat ironically, Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School was named for Navy corpsman David Robert Ray, who received the Medal of Honor in 1969 for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War:

Image credit: Wikipedia

According to his Presidential citation, Corpsman Ray risked his life to save his fellow Marines, while suffering severe injuries and engaging the enemy.

His “final act” came when he threw his body onto a wounded Marine, to protect him from a nearby grenade blast. That Marine lived, because Ray courageously sacrificed his own life.

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