A mega-church pastor from Texas spoke at Liberty University on Tuesday morning.

Pastor Robert Jeffress spoke at the university's convocation, where he proposed that the terror acts of 9/11 terrorist happened because of God's wrath over legal abortions in America.

During the speech, Pastor Robert Jeffress told students that America's demise was an act of God in response to Supreme Court rulings banning organized prayer and Bible study in public schools, legalizing abortion, and striking down bans on sodomy.

Throughout the lecture, Pastor Jeffress compared the 9/11 attacks to God's judgment on the nation of Israel in Biblical times:

“Just look at the nation of Israel ... Because they got involved in the worship of Moloch, the pagan god, and they sacrificed their children on the altar, what did God do? He raised up the godless Babylonians and Assyrians to bring judgement on his own people.”

Pastor Jeffress continued, claiming people regularly ask him why God would allow 9/11 to happen:

“Well, I just don't understand why God wouldn't protect our nation and he would allow these radical Muslims in 2001 to kill 3,000 of our citizens and why God doesn't protect us. Surely, God doesn't use pagans to bring judgment upon his own people, does he?”

His response:

"Just read the Bible.

God will not allow sin to go unpunished and he certainly won't allow the sacrifice of children to go unpunished."

Jeffress, pastor of the Dallas Baptist Church with more than 12,000 members, has a history of making controversial remarks regarding politics and religion.

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