Dolly Parton is Pure Class When She Lets A Young Fan with Down Syndrome Do What Fans Only Dream Of

| APR 5, 2015 | 11:07 PM

Dolly Parton made a young fan’s day by doing what many Dolly fans can only dream of: Singing together.

Gage Blackwell from Lynneville, Tennessee, met the singer at her amusement park Dollywood, in one of the park’s restaurants.

Facebook / Gage Blackwell


According to TODAY, Gage’s mother Lynnae says her son got the opportunity to meet Dolly after Lynnae reached out to one of Dolly’s business partners. A few days later, the meeting was arranged.

The first question Dolly had for Gage?

“Is that Kenny Rogers?

“You look like Kenny Rogers! Did anybody ever tell you that?” she asked a delighted Gage.

They sang Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” while Parton cracked jokes about “Hillbilly Heaven.”

And she eventually brought the crowd to their feet with “9-5.”

Parton signed autographs, talked about country music superstars, and spent quality one-on-one time with her fan.

Lynnae tells TODAY:

“Dolly made him feel like the most important person in the room… He will never forget her kindness and, as his mother, I will always be grateful for the love she showed to my wonderful son.”

All class, Dolly.