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A couple of parents from Rochester, Minnesota, thought all was well as their baby slept in the nursery. Then they started hearing noises coming from the baby's room.

“We were sleeping in bed, and basically heard some music coming from the nursery, but then when we went into the room the music turned off,” the anonymous Rochester mother told KTTC-TV.

The music was coming from a computer hacker who had seized control of the nanny cam. The hacker could even move the camera and apparently even knew when the parents were around.

“We were able to track down the IP address through the Foscam software, and found out that it was coming from Amsterdam,” she told KTTC. “That IP had a web link attached to it.”

After some investigation, the parents found the IP address and traced it to a website that had uploaded thousands of pictures from nurseries around the world.

Such websites have been known to invade thousands of homes, and then take videos and photos. Among the images compiled through such hacking are those taken of nurseries:


A few precautionary measures can be undertaken to thwart such hackers who exploit cameras:

  • Change the default password to something as difficult to hack as possible. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and make sure it's not a typical word that can be guessed.
  • Place black electrical tape or other kind of tape over the camera itself when it's not being used.
  • Change or mask your IP address settings or ask a technical professional to assist you.
  • Personally decide that it's not worth it to use the Nanny Cam.

Technology has made it easier to monitor infants and children, but this comes with a trade-off of putting technology that can be compromised in between parents and children.

These are not the kind of intimate relationships built on trust and privacy that anyone would want to let strangers - let alone the world - violate. But with a few simple steps, you can make it extremely difficult on hackers to do so.

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