Hillary Visits College to See 'Everyday Iowans,' Students Get Locked In Their Classrooms

| APR 14, 2015 | 7:37 PM
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Students at Iowa's Kirkwood Community College were apparently on 'lockdown' if their classes were along Hillary Clinton's walking path when she visited their campus Tuesday.

Erika Smalley, a Kirkwood Student, sent us this photo of the students apparently stuck in their classrooms.

The Clinton campaign says this visit is for “Everyday Iowans.”

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It reads:

On First Trip, Hillary to have Conversations with Everyday Iowans

Hillary Clinton will make her first trip to Iowa on Tuesday, April 14, and Wednesday, April 15. It will be the first of many conversations with Iowans about how to make the economy work so everyday Americans and their families can actually get ahead and stay ahead. Thoughout her life, Hillary has been a tenacious fighter for children, families and middle class American families.

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