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When a grieving U.S. veteran tried to call the VA Suicide Hotline, he didn't get the response he was anticipating.

Six months after losing his wife to cancer, 59-year-old Ted Koran was in tears and ready to take his own life. Instead, he chose to reach out to the VA suicide hotline for help.

ABC News reported on how Koran's call to the VA went:

“I went to the only place that I knew and that I had available to me, the VA,” Koran said.  Koran said he was placed on hold for 10 minutes.

“I had to sit there patiently, in emotional distress, in tears, wanting to give up, desperately needing someone to talk to,” Koran said. Koran said he hung up and redialed the number two more times. “They had me on the [verge] of saying to hell with it,” he said.

Then, once Mr. Koran was able to get a hold of someone who was suppose to be there for him in his time of need, they offered 'little comfort to him.'

Fortunately, Koran had something else to was helping him hold on.

The Daily Mail elaborated on the reason why Koran is still here:

Ted said he was put on hold three times for 10 minutes at a time and the only reason he decided not to kill himself on Saturday was to care for the 60 rescue animals he and his wife had looked after together.

According to the VA's own suicide report for February 2013, statistics show that 22 veterans commit suicide a day - that's one every 65 minutes.

As our veterans put their life on the line for us, it's only right that we give them the care they fully deserve. We can definitely do better to honor the sacrifices they've made for us.

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