One Look at the Rides at an All-Inclusive Playground Will Have You Wishing You Were A Kid Again

| APR 16, 2015 | 7:07 PM

A new playground in Palo Alto, California, is redefining what it means to be a place where anyone can play. The Magical Bridge Playground may be one of the few parks in the world where children of all ages and abilities can play together in a truly accessible setting:

The playground was built with the help of approximately $4 million in private donations along with some additional help from the city. Just one look at the innovative rides and equipment will bring out the kid in anyone.

KRON News reports that the new park was specially designed to accommodate all. A bench at the bottom of the slide provides a place to rest if you need to wait for a wheelchair to be brought to you:

Image credit: Facebook

There is a swing that is easily accessible for anyone and perfect for riding with a friend:

What you don't see is even more magical. There is an invisible harp with “strings” made of lasers:

CBS San Francisco explains that this little blue pod is a place where autistic children can have a safe place to escape the noise and commotion:

There is also a wheelchair accessible tree house, because every kid (or kid at heart) yearns for a chance to play in a tree house:

This merry-go-round even includes a way to safely lock in a wheelchair, so that a wheelchair-bound child (or parent) can spin along too:

There is no mulch or sand at Magical Bridge, making the entire park wheelchair accessible.

With its wide variety of innovative attractions, including a stage (with costumes), a treewalk, and an interactive music experience, this is a park that is sure to get kids excited about how much fun we can have when we embrace inclusive play.